Treatment of humans for skin diseases and burns

Burns, inflammation and infectious diseases of human skin

Rezoderm-H® solves the problem:

Almost all anti-inflammatory and anti-burn ointments contain antibiotics. Growing antibiotic resistance worldwide will have a direct impact on market growth in the coming years.

Market volume $4.2 billion

TAM in 2020 CAGR 4,1%

Advantages of Rezoderm-H®

  • It does not require a high concentration of DV in the center of infection
  • Allows you to quickly and evenly distribute the DV
  • Safe. Completely excreted when washed away
  • A quick visual effect
  • All DVs are allowed for medical use
  • High degree and speed of normalization of healing processes
  • It is used both in acute infections and as a prevention
  • The long-term effect of the drug
Endorezor - Innovative technology solution

Innovative technology solution

Using as active substances (DV) synthetic analogues of microbial regulatory molecules, allows to suppress the pathogenicity and proliferative activity of pathogens without resorting to the principle of direct destruction of them.

Stimulates the immune response and reaction

The chemical formula also includes substances that modulate the immune response and reaction of connective tissue cells to the introduction of pathogenic bacteria, which allows to block the pro-inflammatory functions of neutrophils, to increase local immunity in the center of infection, which leads to rapid sanitization and a combination of inflammatory response.

Stimulates the immune response and reaction

Status for Rezoderm-H® drugs


Laboratory tests
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Clinical tests
Results of drug production tests


Rezoderm-H® drug for the treatment of humans in case of skin bacterial infections and burns has now been developed and tested

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Our medications can be used in the tretment of the large number of diseases: gastrointestinal tract, urogenital pathways, skin, ear. Combination therapy is possible, including the use of the drug and any antibacterial agent

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Why Stemtrix is a revolutionary alternative to antibiotics?

Stemtrix preparations do not kill, but serve as mediators of the transition of their pathogens from an active state to a vegetative one. Stemtrix is a radical reduction in the use of antibacterial drugs and antibiotics. The drugs are intended for the prevention and treatment of intestinal and other inflammatory infections of a bacterial nature.

Component of feeds
The active substances of the drug are natural components of the diets of farm animals and birds used in medicine and food industry

No resistance
The active ingredients of the drug are natural regulators of metabolic processes in the bacterial cell, as a result the bacterial cell has no mechanisms of resistance

Without destruction
The drugs will suppress virulence, pathogenicity of pathogenic bacteria, without resorting to the principle of direct destruction of the bacterium

Immune system
The preparations also include substances that modulate the immune response to the introduction of pathogenic bacteria into the body